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Full Gate Staffing

We recognize that certain fee collection situations require attended gate staffing including special event and valet services as a supplement to parking.   Our core purpose is to provide high quality, trained and motivated staff that will act in the interests of the agency client and the parkers using the facility.

We have 30 years of experience in creating service teams for both year round and seasonal operations.  The training provided for hospitality and guest service staff is mirrored in our gate operations. The entrance gate is a first impression position and we expect staff to be courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.  Where entrance gates are automated, our kiosk staff will expedite departures and maintain an efficient and accommodating presence.

UPC Gate Services can hire, train, and manage this staff independently or work with agency employees to present a seamless experience for the guest.

Our services also include full facilities management including revenue control equipment repair and preventative maintenance, janitorial, lot and surface repairs, landscaping, trash removal to dumpsters and lot scrubbing/sweeping.