UPC Gate Services

Entrance and Parking Management

UPC Gate Services is California’s leader in automated pay station management, collections, and accounting. We provide a variety of services and solutions for your parking lot - regardless of size, location, and type.  We’ll work closely with you to develop a program that provides both a financial and service benefit.

Automated pay stations provide a reduction in labor, while increasing convenience and compliance. These benefits allow precious resources to be dedicated towards serving your guests.

Our machines are intuitive and reliable which ensures a pleasant experience for your guests. Our collections and accounting procedures ensure the agency will receive prompt and accurate reporting.  

A typical UPC Gate contract is structured so that our interests are secured by being efficient and accurate.

UPC Gate Services is a part of Urban Parks Concessionaires. UPC has over 30 years experience in the hospitality and concession industries. We currently partner with a variety of business and agencies throughout California.